Monday, September 5, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1996 Packs 17-20

It's coming down to the wire in this epic contest. Questions are swirling around. Can anyone stop Captain Canuck's Braves, leading with 86? Will the Brewers, being led by no one, catch up to the Braves, having 65 points at the moment? Will the Yankees, the undisputed dark horse of the contest, speed ahead, having 63 points right now? Who can explain playattheplate's Rangers' fight for the lead, with 61? And will the defunct Marlins, with 57, Spiegel83's Royals, with 56, and hiflew's Rockies with 52, ever catch up to the herd? All will be answered tonight and tomorrow night. But for now, the penultimate four packs (And unlike Topps, I acutally mean penultimate as in "the next-to-last").

Rafael Palmiero of the Orioles. Would be a Hall of Famer if he didn't take steroids. 4 points.
John Wasdin of the A's. Failed prospect, but decent shot. 3 points
Ed Sprague of the Blue Jays. Got it. 1 point
Cal Ripken of the Orioles. Got it. 1 point
Scott Servais of the Cubs. Hi. Got it, 1 point
Frank Castillo Team TSC of the Cubs. Got it. 1 point
Wil Cordero of the Expos. That's a nice way to capture a double play. 4 points
Mark Portugal of the Reds. Got it. 1 point

Jeff Fassero of the Expos. Pretty nice horizontal shot. 4 points
Jeff Fassero of the Expos. Unnnnghhh. 1 point
Frank Rodriguez of the Twins. Got it. 1 point
Juan Guzman of the Blue Jays. A good pitcher shot. 3 points
Jim Eisenrich of the Phillies. A nice swing for Eisenrich. 4 points
Roger Pavlik of the Rangers. Nicely shot card, with a good pitcher shot. 3 points
Derek Jeter of the Yankees Team TSC. Pretty close to a rookie for this guy, which is awesome. 5 points. Cause he's Jeter.
Brian Barber of the Cardinals. got it. 1 point

Fred McGriff of the Braves. CRIME DOG! 4 points.
Fred McGriff of the Braves. That's not funny. 1 point
Troy Percival of the Angels. Decent shot for a decent closer. 3 points.
Randy Johnson of the Mariners Team TSC. The Big Unit, in all his glory. 5 points.
Chris Hoiles of the Orioles. Got it. 1 point
Pitcher guy for the Pirates whose name I can't make out. Okay shot. 2 points.
Pat Kelly of the Yankees. Got it, 1 point.
Ivan Rodriguez of the Rangers. Got it, 1 point.

Mark Lemke of the Braves. Double. 1 point

Scott Leius of the Twins. Double. 1 point

Jeff Frye of the Rangers. Watching it sail...3 points

Alex Fernandez of the White Sox. Double, 1 point

Jason Jacome of the Royals. Double, 1 point.

Tom Glavine of the Braves Team TSC. Double. 1 point

Steve Finley of the Padres. A NICE SWING. 4 points

Some guy I can't make out for the Brewers. Nice swing, 3 points.

With four packs left to go, the Braves still have a lead with 93, the Yankees have 69, the Brewers and Rangers have 68, and everyone else is trying to catch up. Tomorrow night, the winner will be decided, and they will recieve all the cards for their team, plus a few extra cards for their team. It all ends tomorrow night.

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  1. if the Braves don't take this win with a 24 point lead I will LOSE it....