Saturday, September 3, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Mayberry Edition

Has anything been constant in this year's Philadelphia Outfield? The answer- no. Since the beginning of the year, there have been so many changes in the outfield, that it's simply become a game of musical chairs, and whoever gets down first every night gets to play. Sure, Pence has become a fixture, mainly because he's the quickest to sit down. Ibanez usually covers the left fielder spot, but then there's the matter of center. The question every night is will it be Victorino or will it be Mayberry? And while Victorino has been a Philly idol for years, Mayberry has been quite popular this year. Why? He can hit.

Mayberry has been hitting well this season, mainly in place of Victorino when he was injured. Of course, when Victorino came back, things got awkward. It's sad to see Mayberry playing less often, but when he does play, he whacks the ball into the outfield. I hope he'll get a lot more playing time in the future...without the assistance of a trade, please.

Coming Tomorrow- He was an overrated superstar for the Braves, then he was an overrated superstar for the Dodgers. Now, he plays occasionally for St. Louis.

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