Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top 8 Trade Deadline Deals

You know, after years of seeing trades go all over the place, and teams go crazy at the deadline, it was a combination of weird and refreshing to see a deadline where nothing really happened. Sure, deals were made, and big stars were swapped, but nobody absolutely HUGE was swapped.

Still, like usual, I'll present the top 8 deadline deals, and share how it helps both teams, and declare a victor. Why 8? Because I couldn't find enough deals to make it 10.

8. Jose Veras to Detroit, prospects to Houston. Victor: Tigers. How it helps Tigers: gives them a nice closer to swap out for the faltering Jose Valverde. How it helps Astros: rids them of someone who was juuust becoming a star closer.

7. Ricky Nolasco to Dodgers, prospects to Marlins. Victor: as of right now, Dodgers. How it helps Dodgers: gives them another nice pitcher to add to the rotating cavalcade of pitchers. Besides, they just DFA'd Ted Lilly. Nolasco helped fill the hole. How it helps Marlins. Gives youth to a team loaded with it.

6. Robert Andino to Pittsburgh, prospects to Seattle. Victor: Pirates. How it helps Pirates: gives another quick infielder to a team prospering with a lot of those. Andino would be a nice fit there. How it helps Seattle: reinvigorates the farm system.

5. Ian Kennedy to San Diego, prospects to Arizona. Victor: surprisingly the D-Backs. How it helps the D-Backs: rids them of a struggling pitcher, and said pitcher's forthcoming expiring contract. Also,more prospects. How it helps Padres: helps a little bit with another middling pitcher to add to the pack.

4. Matt Garza to Rangers, prospects and Mike Olt to Cubs. Victor: Rangers. How it helps Rangers: Gives them another deadline success, and another arm to add to the surging rotation in Matt Garza. How it helps Cubs: gives more, younger support with Olt and the various prospects.

3. Bud Norris to Orioles, LJ Hoes and prospects to Astros. Victor: Orioles. How it helps Orioles: gives them help with the one problem they've been having, and that's PITCHING. Now someone other than Jason Hammel will be able to start games flawlessly for them, and Norris has made himself a name for that in Houston. How it helps Astros: Just what the doctor ordered: MORE PROSPECTS!

2. Alfonso Soriano to Yankees, prospects to Cubs. Victor: Yankees. How it helps Yankees: Gives another strong, powerful bat to a team that really needs one. Plus, returns a struggling star to where he made it big the first time. How it helps Cubs: Gives youth for the future.

1. Jake Peavy to the Red Sox, Avisail Garcia and prospects to the White Sox, Jose Iglesias to the Tigers. Victor: by a hair, the Red Sox. How it helps Red Sox: Gives one of the best pitchers of the late 00's to one of the best teams in baseball. Well done to the GM. How it helps the Tigers: If Jhonny Peralta is suspended for his steroid use, then it'll give one of the best young shortstops to one of the best teams in baseball. How it helps the White Sox: gives some of the most okay prospects to one of the worst teams in baseball. I got nothing,

Overall, victories for the Red Sox, Yankees, Rangers and Dodgers (as usual). I'm personally surprised that the Phillies did nothing, but I'm glad that Utley and Lee stayed put.

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