Thursday, August 17, 2017

Blue Yu

Hideo Nomo. Kazuhisa Ishii. Hiroki Kuroda. and now Yu Darvish. Where those three Japanese pitchers failed, Darvish is gonna succeed...he might be the first Japanese pitcher to get the Dodgers a World Series ring.

As much as I love Nomo, and as much as I dug Kuroda's efforts as a Yankee, Yu Darvish has been lights out this season, in Arlington AND in LA, and he's been mowing down batters in an effort to, essentially, cover for an injured Clayton Kershaw, while simultaneously joining Alex Wood, Rich Hill, Brandon McCarthy and Kenta Maeda as part of the most furious pitching rotation in baseball. Even Hyun-Jin Ryu, who's been less than perfect recently, has been posting good enough numbers covering for McCarthy.

Literally everything is working for the Dodgers right now. The bullpen. The rotation. The rookies they're bringing in off the bench. The lineup. Weird part is that there have been a ton of injuries, and the team they're working with now isn't the team they thought they'd be competing with, especially without Adrian Gonzalez and Andrew Toles (yeah, and Kershaw), and they're still absolutely amazing.

The only sad part is that I'm not sure whether this all-out mastery of the game is going to amount to a World Series win. Last year we had the absolute best team win the whole thing, but that almost never happens, and even last year it was a stroke of luck that the Cubs managed to win that Series after the Indians had that 3-1 lead.

I hope for the best, because this team would make an amazing World Series champion...but I could also say that about 3 or 4 other teams. It's gonna get tough, and I'm hoping this momentum can keep going.

Coming Tomorrow- With the Rays, he was...solid. Not amazing, but pretty good. He lands in Baltimore, and he immediately becomes the very person that Tampa drafted 1st overall.

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