Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Devers You Don't Know

August 1st 2017, I went to Fenway Park, and I was there specifically to see how the Red Sox were going to win the AL East.

Oh, I'm not stupid. The Yankees are beginning to run out their rope. I love them, I want them to do well, but this year they don't have enough to stay in first. So I needed to see how the Red Sox were going to stay there when the Yankees couldn't.

Well, I found out how. Rafael Devers was how.

Not since maybe Carlos Correa had I seen a rookie absolutely command the ballfield whenever he could. The guy had a fantastic night, always knowing how to get a hit out of Carlos Carrasco and company, and just owning the ball whenever he could. He and Eduardo Nunez were going crazy at the plate that night, and giving even more of a playoff edge to a team with a vendetta to get back.

In 22 games, Rafael Devers has more home runs than Chris Young, the guy they kept around to hit home runs off the bench. Not only is he a welcome solution to the Sox' third-base problem that had been plaguing them since April, but he also allows for Eduardo Nunez to play 2nd and the outfield, and still be a part of the lineup rather than just be the third baseman the Sox traded for him to be. It allows for flexibility and flux in one of the most impressive lineups in baseball.

I mean, sportswriters are making a big deal out of David Price's injury, but with Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz, a slightly-more-human Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez, and...and, fine, Doug Fister, it's not a terrible loss.

This is a team that honestly should have gotten further in the last postseason. Maybe here they'll finally do something great. Maybe Rafael Devers will be a part of it.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the few veteran Mets that seems to be sticking around.

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