Sunday, August 6, 2017

Not the Dodgers, but Not Out

Now back to the middle of the NL West, where even if it seems like all hope is lost, there's still hope for a team like the Colorado long as they can occasionally let their pitchers play in places other than Coors Field.

This is a fantastic year for them, in that the lineup is consistently great, and there's a ton of depth and promise in there, especially with the addition of Jonathan Lucroy to the fold. Plus, for the first time since 2007 there's a pitching staff that has legitimate talent and power across the board...that, yes, would do better with some lower ERAs, but it's Colorado.

The challenge, yet again, is to make the playoffs despite the Dodgers in first and the D-Backs in second. Being that the picture hasn't really changed, just...honestly for the worse for everyone who isn't the Dodgers, the situation's grown more dire. It's going to be tough for the Rockies to stay in this spot for 2 more months, without challengers like the Brewers and Pirates facing them off for the WC spots. It's even tougher, considering that the Diamondbacks are arguably better than they are, and arguably have a better playoff case.

So, once again, this is gonna go to a few divisional battles to see who actually deserves the playoffs. Until then, the scuffle continues.

Coming Tonight: The closer for a team that's usually pretending they're contenders at this point in the year, but have decided to stay in 5th for once.

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