Sunday, August 6, 2017

Staying Dead

Yep. A guy dabbing on a baseball card. That's the reality we create here at Mint Condition.

To be honest, seeing Roberto Osuna dab on a custom card would be preferable for a lot of people to watching a Toronto Blue Jays game. For once, the team that always pretends to be a contender every year is legitimately staying in last.

The strong core of the team has finally dried up. Jose Bautista is useless this year. The pitching staff is a shell of itself (save for Marcus Stroman). Josh Donaldson's not himself. Russell Martin and Kevin Pillar aren't doing a great deal correctly. There's a nice amount of power coming from guys everybody else counted out, like Steve Pearce, Justin Smoak, Ezequiel Carrera and a not-Edwin-but-still cool Kendrys Morales. But the power can only be so potent when the team's incomplete, and the shell of its former self...which was itself a shell.

I'll give the Jays credit for trying, but the strong core they've been trying to build up with youth for the past 2 years hasn't really been working as well as they would have liked. Right now all the power is coming from a  bunch of guys over thirty, which...used to be the Yankees' thing, but I'm glad we passed it on.

Good news is there's two months left, and it's not really feasible for the Jays to make a playoff run, especially with the stuff happening at the top.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the players in the 'middle of the NL East free-for-all', this one a decent pitcher for a team lacking in it this year.

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