Sunday, August 27, 2017

There Must be an Angel

Yeah, these pun titles have gotten classier and classier. Who'd have thought there'd be a post about Parker Bridwell's pitching with a title that references an Annie Lennox song?

The Angels are arguably the most baffling team in the league right now. Their pitching staff has some really bad records, their top starters are injured, the guy that's currently their ace has 50 strikeouts on the year, and their closer is a guy who flunked out of Baltimore's rotation. Their lineup's full of guys who strikeout and hit home runs, and one or two guys who can hit for average, and Mike Trout. It's this mishmash of good players and a ton of okay players...and they're currently second in the AL West and right on the doorstep of the 2nd wild card spot.

Of all teams to still technically be competing...the 2017 Los Angeles Angels? REALLY?

Look at Parker Bridwell. He's got a great record, a great ERA...and barely any strikeouts. He's not really ace material, and he's...essentially the ace, because Matt Shoemaker and Garrett Richards once again won't show up.

This is an extremely okay team, one that has less going for them than the Seattle Mariners, who're at their height in the division thanks to an epic pantsing from the Yankees. The Mariners at least have a great-looking rotation, and some solid starters. The Angels have Bridwell, and a few guys who strike people out but can't win games or keep runs out.

Interesting to see how this turns out. I don't think they'll sneak in, but...hey, if they got this far, ya never know!

Coming Tomorrow- Another one of the many Diamondbacks infielders that helped secure their wild card spot.

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