Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vanishing Mets

Granderson, Duda, Walker, Reed and Rene Rivera are gone. Harvey, Thor, Wright, Reyes, Lugo, Wheeler, Matz and TJ Rivera are injured.

...what exactly does that leave for the Mets?

It's funny. Earlier this season, I was worried that there were too many outfielders, and now there's not enough. The Mets' decline has robbed the team of leadership, purpose, and most of the 2015 squad.

So what's left? Michael Conforto, Yoenis Cespedes, Jacob deGrom, Wilmer Flores, and pretty much nobody else that's relevant. I understand that they're trying to build up the youth movement, by throwing Gavin Cecchini, Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith into the mix. It's...sort of working? Like, it's hard to tell, because really nobody's left right now. The Mets don't have a ton to work with, in terms of pitching, the lineup, everything. It's a barren team, and right now they're just pushing people that might not be ready into positions.

I don't think this is gonna end well standings-wise, but at least Cespedes and Conforto are doing well.

Coming Tomorrow- A hard-hitting infielder for a team who...MIGHT have a postseason shot? MIGHT?

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  1. Few days later and now you can add Conforto and Cespedes to the injured list.