Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Clinging to Relevancy

And now, another moment with a good NL West team that isn't the Dodgers.

The D-Backs/Rockies thing has been going on all season, and it's been this endless train of one-upmanship between the expansion teams, to see which one has more depth and such, and right now the D-Backs are in third. However, the last time I did a post on the Rockies, THEY were in third, so this whole thing is just hella fickle.

I'll give the D-Backs some credit for taking a few more steps than the Rockies to repair the team, especially in the wake of some injuries. Adam Rosales, JD Martinez and David Hernandez plugged a ton of holes with the team, and they're all doing relatively well, with an emphasis on Martinez on his home run hitting.

Still, the core of the team has enough momentum that the deadline additions don't need to define them. Paul Goldschmidt, Jake Lamb, AJ Pollock and Zack Greinke are among the best in baseball this year, and they're all banding together to make the Diamondbacks relevant, even with Dodgers-mania going on nonstop.

I'm pulling for the D-Backs. It's gonna be tough, but I'm pulling for them.

Coming Tonight- This time last year, he was the rookie sensation lighting up the league. Now, in Judge's town, it's hard for him to compete, but he's still one of the best in the Bronx.

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