Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Rhys Hoskins Saves Philadelphia (sort of)

As the resident Philadelphian, I feel the need to address the sudden spark of awesome coverage the team is getting. Not because we're doing well- far from it. I mean, that's not supposed to happen until 2020 when the Nationals finally evaporate. But right now, Rhys Hoskins is doing what no rookie has done in Philadelphia, by nabbing 11 home runs in his first 18 games, and making Trevor Story look like a PANSY.

I'd known of Hoskins' superiority before, as he was absolutely KILLING IT in the minors last year, and he was getting really hot in AAA this year. It was only a matter of time, and trade that sent Howie Kendrick packing, as well as the umpteenth injury to Aaron Altherr made this one possible (though, at the expense of Daniel Nava I presume). The guy's been absolutely explosive in the majors, hitting home runs, except actually hitting for average as well (unlike a certain first baseman).

I have to acknowledge what the Phils have been setting up, because Hoskins, Nick Williams, Aaron Altherr, Aaron Nola and Ben Lively have been the stars of the show this year (and, to a lesser extent Odubel Herrera and Cesar Hernandez). The youth movement is beginning to show its true form, and with a few more big guns waiting in the minors, we could very soon pass the point where they have to get a bunch of low-rate free agents to fill half the starting lineup.

It sucks that it's taken this long, and involved this many shit years, but the Phillies seem to be heading slowly towards competition...and if Rhys Hoskins keeps this up, he may be their next big star.

Coming Tonight: He's already basically stamped his Hall of Fame ticket, but he's still having a decent enough season holding up his fourth-place Tigers.

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