Friday, August 25, 2017

Jays are Gone

They're not fire-saling. They're not pouring out buckets of water. Like usual, they're refusing to admit that something has gone wrong. But the Blue Jays are in last, and nothing's working.

Look, Marcus Stroman and Josh Donaldson are still having great seasons, and Justin Smoak's having the comeback season to end all comeback seasons,'s just not working this year. The lineup's holey with injuries, and the guys coming in to replace people aren't very good. People that are usually relied upon, like Jose Bautista and Marco Estrada, are disappointing. And yes, some gonzo picks like Ezequiel Carrera and Steve Pearce are doing pretty well, but the depth they were trying to build up for the last two years has completely collapsed, and the base they've been left with is not great.

Look at Chris Rowley- the guy was brought up to sort of 'save the day' in the rotation, which had been on-and-off. The guy had a fantastic start, and you can tell he's got a future...but after a less-than-great start, the Blue Jays brought him back down, probably to make room for Tom Koehler but also because they really don't know what they're doing. If Miguel Montero is allowed to start games after the way he's been hitting, and Chris Rowley is the one that gets demoted, you have to really think about where your priorities lie.

There's a month of gameplay left, so the Jays are gonna have to sweat it out 'til then, which will be fun and a bit depressing.

Coming Tomorrow- Meanwhile, in Atlanta, he's having a nice season even if the team's not really relevant at all this year.

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