Thursday, August 31, 2017

The #12 Section Can Wait

Hold the phones, Seahawks fans! I know it's tempting to hop onto the NFL bandwagon, but there's still a month of baseball left, and the Mariners might actually have a shot!

It's tough to tell, as the M's have been doing everything to fix their rotation, even grabbing Mike Leake from the Cardinals, and now the lineup's beginning to fall apart. There's still some amazing stuff there, like Jean Segura, Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and Ben Gamel, but injuries and slumps are beginning to come down hard on the bench. Yes, adding Yonder Alonso to the fold works, but he can only do so much, just as he could with Oakland.

Like with the Angels, I don't know what else could make them a playoff team, because I see a ton of flaws, even amidst some really great aspects of this team, and I'm not sure if they can overcome said flaws and make it to October. Plus, they'd have to get past the Yankees, and they couldn't really do that last week.

It's very hazy right now, and the Mariners might continue to slump themselves out of the race, but the Seahawks fans should wait a little bit longer, take a breather...and then go back to waiting on Russell Wilson.

Coming Tomorrow- A rookie everyman for, yeah, the best team in baseball.

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