Wednesday, August 9, 2017

El Gary

Okay, not my favorite nickname on this current Yankees team (that would have to be Ronald 'Toe' Torreyes), but still an excuse to keep MLB nicknames alive. Also, Gary Sanchez is an excuse to keep the New York Yankees alive! Eh? See what I did there?

No, but seriously. With the Red Sox surging in the last week, and the Orioles trying to make a comeback, the Yankees have picked a bad week to be sort of okay. Judge is beginning to fade, some injuries are beginning to stack up, Todd Frazier's still striking out, and the momentum's sputtering. Yes, Didi and Gardner are still red-hot, and yes, Luis Severino is STILL one of the best pitchers in baseball, but the Yankees aren't the sure thing they were, especially considering how great the Red Sox are looking.

They need some miracles. And it's sad, because they traded for Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia to work some miracles, and so far they've been...alright...not terrific. Nothing's clicking. They're stop-and-go. This is the shit they were doing right before the break.

Unless the Yankees crank this season into full gear NOW and start playing like they want this, we can just hand the division to the Red Sox. Because I'm not 100% certain they're ready, and they NEED to be. They can't let the top half of this season down.

Coming Tomorrow- The sole reason Phillies fans have ANY REASON WHATSOEVER to watch games.

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