Monday, December 5, 2016

Winter Meetings Update: California (There is No End to Relievers) Edition

As tons of things are BOUND to happen over the next few days in the Winter Meetings, instead of doing a 'HEY, HOLY SHIT, SOMETHING HAPPENED' post every single time a move is made, which is probably migraine-inducing, I'm gonna recoup at the end of every day of these Winter talks, and recap some of the more important moves made by teams. It's a bit healthier that way.

So, the biggest statement of the day came from San Francisco, who, as is apparently custom this offseason, decided they wanted to give a HUGE contract to a relief pitcher. Fortunately, the relief pitcher in question is a reliable, trusted closer, and not a random middle reliever like Mark Rzepcynski or Brett Cecil. This is Mark Melancon, one of the most consistent, unhittable closers in the league.

This is a big step up for the Giants, who've been struggling with relief pitching for a few years, and haven't been able to get consistent success from their closers, as Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo, and now Santiago Casilla have all failed to recapture even-year success. Now they have Mark Melancon, and he can be a steady closer for the next four years. On the other hand...four year deals for closers are still not the greatest idea for me, even if they are for people like Mark Melancon.

Still, I give it a good grade, and I think the Giants are playing for a stronger 2017.

On the other side of California...

This guy is not going anywhere. The Dodgers made an insanely smart move and locked up Rich Hill for the next three years. Hill is yet another reclamation project that has succeeded in both Oakland AND Los Angeles, and after a season of an insanely low ERA, some amazing starts, and some strikeout material that hasn't been present with hill since 2008, I can see why the Dodgers would want him back. Having him, Kershaw, Kenta Maeda and Julio Urias in the same rotation, as well as Scott Kazmir if they decide to keep him, is pretty dangerous, and can lead to some amazing things if everybody stays healthy and hot, and if the lineup's willing to back them up.

Two pretty strong developments out of the west, and a nice opener for the infamous meetings.

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