Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter Meetings Update: Day Three

Phew. Yeah. Uh, a lot happened today. Might as well detail the big stuff.

In terms of this Adam Eaton move, today was a slightly more superior sequel to yesterday, as, from Washington's standpoint, everything bad from yesterday was righted. The Nats couldn't get their hands on Chris Sale, so they landed one of the most impressive outfielders in baseball. This is...surprisingly a good deal.

The Nats' outfield was slightly weaker than usual last season, on account of Ben Revere aging 10 years over the course of 1. Bryce Harper, Trea Turner and Jayson Werth were gonna be the supposed starters, but with Adam Eaton coming in, one of two things will happen- either Werth, on the last year of his 7-year contract, will be phased out and be played as an alternate, or Trea Turner will be phased into an infield role, preferably at shortstop, as he's a bit better of an option than Danny Espinosa at this point. There's at least some flexibility, but it's overall a nice move for the Nats.

Additionally, this sort of rights things in Chicago as well, making sure that Lucas Giolito, who had a slow start but definitely has potential, has a place where can grow without being overshadowed. Yes, this may be wishful thinking, sorta like Carlos Rodon, never know. Giolito wasn't getting 'best prospect in the system' claims for nothing. Also...who'd have thought that Giolito and Yoan Moncada, two prospects from 2016, would wind up on the same season, hurtling towards some full-rookie-seasons in 2017?

Additionally, the Cubs made a move that proves they're willing to move on from their 2016 season, while at the same time proving they're trying to win again. Yeah, not every miracle lasts forever, and Aroldis Chapman's gonna have to find somewhere else to close games next year (preferably New York).

This move, in gaining closer Wade Davis from the Royals, in exchange for consistently-suffocated outfielder Jorge Soler, is a great one. The Cubs have a definite closer/reliever that can get them through 2017, while the Royals have another outfielder, along with Billy Burns, to repopulate the now in-flux lineup, especially considering that they're suddenly shopping Lorenzo Cain.

Pretty sound move overall. Not a ton of outcry from me.

If you want outcry, watch me talk about the Rockies' move to add Ian Desmond.

I understand that the Rox needed to fill their first base position after the supposed departure of Mark Reynolds, but...Ian Desmond's an odd choice. He's a middle-infielder, and an outfielder...and converting him now to play first is a bit...concerning. No, he'll probably be great, and he's proven extreme range in his season in Arlington, but giving him a TON of money and 5 years in order to play a position he's never consistently played professionally a risky bet.

I mean, offense-wise, he'll probably be fine, as it's Coors Field and it usually rewards nice-average people like Desmond, but...overall it's an odd, concerning kind of move, which...kind of sums up the Rockies of late.

Meanwhile, the Marlins are...very quietly making some decent moves. They added Jeff Locke as a late-rotation helper today, as well as adding AJ Ellis as a potential backup catcher. They're preparing for an above .500 season, and they're chasing people. They're also reportedly in the running for Aroldis Chapman...which is kind of pointless because they already have a good enough closer in A.J. Ramos, but...I'm not gonna tell the Marlins' GM how to live his it'd probably kill me.

That's basically it for today, but I guarantee more crazy shit is waiting around the corner.

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