Friday, December 9, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Diamondbacks

Well, about 8 months after I thought I'd be posting it, here is a custom of one of the biggest 2015 offseason moves- Shelby Miller as a Diamondback...

Man, it sure is a shame that not only did the D-Backs tank under the pressure of the fans' expectations...but Miller did as well, having his worst season to date, and completely imploding in Phoenix. I hope better seasons are in the cards, but it's not looking good.

At least they had Patrick Corbin, who, while not absolutely perfect, still did well enough to keep the rotation afloat. In all honesty, between Robbie Ray, Zack Greinke and Corbin, the D-Backs had three solid pitching seasons...but marred by generally un-solid numbers as well.

The D-Backs had a number of rookies pop up this season and try to save the squad, even when it was kind of imploding in on itself. Brandon Drury was one of them, and he did a pretty commendable job.

Chris Herrmann was the other, as he provided another catching option, aside from offense-prone Welington Castillo.

The D-Backs were a solid disappointment in 2016, but will probably do a few more things right in 2017, now that they have the opportunity to step back and breathe.

Coming Tomorrow- The 'WE ALMOST HAD IT' 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers.

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