Friday, December 2, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Astros

It saddens me that the Astros couldn't make as strong of a run as they did in 2015, but this season definitely wasn't too far of a step behind, thanks to the strong work that A.J. Hinch has been doing up front. The team's still in progress, and is a few steps away from getting back...steps they've been taking already this postseason.

Dallas Keuchel didn't have anywhere near as good of a season as he had in 2015, but he tried his best, and still did well in the strikeout category.

Luis Valbuena spent a lot of the season circling the DL, but he's still a nice little player, and I'm glad he's found somewhere to stick around and become a starting team player. Hopefully he'll be a bit better in 2017, and potentially a more permanent 3rd base option.

Collin McHugh had to take a lot of the reins of the rotation this season, and he did a pretty admirable job, doing some strong work in the wins category, and leading the team in strikeouts.

Yulieski Gurriel was a late addition, as well as a Cuban import, and he did his best in the last month or so of the season. I think he'll be like a Yasmany Tomas-type, just an all-around player that can play anywhere and hit in the clutch.

We end with the closer. After Luke Gregerson blew the job, Ken Giles, former Philadelphia closer, was brought in to save the job, and while he wasn't perfect, he did a good enough job that I get to make a custom of him. Hoping he gets the gig next year, too. I'm still a fan of his from his Philly days.

Coming Tomorrow- The A's had a pretty down year, but not ALL was lost- after all, they have one of the most overlooked youth movements in the bigs.


  1. Luke Gregerson blowing the closer role wasn't a fun time for my fantasy team.

    1. hey, he was on mine too. I feel your pain.