Sunday, December 18, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Padres


Just...not fun. Not pretty. Not good.

There's not much optimism about the Padres, even for 2017, as they've successfully shot their organization in the foot, as they have completed trading nearly everyone they acquired in 2015 away, and now they have an even worse team than they had when they started...which takes SKILL. You need to be SKILLED to be that bad.

Jon Jay had a decent enough season, but he's going to Chicago, so they're not even gonna have him.

So, what do the Padres have? They have Hunter Renfroe, who came in with a month left to go in the season and hit like a pro. Will this translate to 2017 success? Who knows!? But it's all Padres fans have to cling onto. They have no pitching, barely any hitting, and only Wil Myers to hold the team down. It's pathetic. It disgusts me.

Coming Tomorrow- Isn't it funny that it's a slightly better subject, and it's the Phillies?

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