Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Marlins

The Marlins, as usual, came in third in the NL East, and it was a pretty hard third. This is a team that's been stockpiling some definite talent over the last few years, and everything's beginning to click. Christian Yelich had another really nice season, and is hitting for average and playing nice outfield. It's becoming evident that maybe HE'S the future of the franchise, and not Giancarlo Stanton.

Tom Koehler was, in Jose Fernandez' absence, the ace, and did a pretty nice job given the circumstances. He's better fit for a 3-4 spot, but he had a nice enough season. The Marlins are probably gonna be reshuffling the rotation a bit for 2017, as Edinson Volquez is probably going to take the top spot, so Koehler will likely get placed a smidge lower.

Adeiny Hechavarria is still a great defensive option in the infield, and is still a nice average hitter. He doesn't always shine as much as other parts of the lineup, but he's a solid piece, and he's due for more success next year.

I love this card so much.
AJ Ramos remains a perfectly viable closer option for the Marlins, even if he was injured for a spell this year, causing a still-rocking-it Fernando Rodney to ride in and cover for him. He's probably gonna do well again next year, though for some reason I think the Marlins are concerned.

Justin Bour was injured more often than not this season, but he's still a nice 1st base option, and he can still hit. A full season in 2017 will probably due him some good.

Coming Tomorrow- The Mets almost made the playoffs, and a few of these guys were reasons why.

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