Thursday, December 15, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Mets

The 2016 Mets were...not exactly the 2015 Mets. The year was a bit more injury-laden, and the pitching staff didn't completely stay afloat, but they still made it to 2nd place in the division and cracked the Wild Card game.

James Loney took over for an injured Lucas Duda as the first baseman, and did a great job, having one of his best seasons since his tenure in Los Angeles. He might not be back next year, but he could get a starting gig somewhere that needs him.

Wilmer Flores had his second straight season of being a pretty nice infield spare part, batting when he could, and covering for Asdrubal Cabrera in his numerous DL visits. He's still a nice option, and might be in use slightly more as Jose Reyes potentially moves to the outfield in 2017.

Lucas Duda has a nice injured, and tried his best to recover after he got back late in the season. I doubt he's done making progress in New York, and will be a lot better with a healthy season. He's a home run hitter by trade, but he's a nice enough first baseman. The Mets are lucky to have him.

Coming Tomorrow- The NL East-winning Nationals...that failed to win anything else (again).

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