Friday, December 16, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Nationals

That's a pretty nice custom for a pretty subpar Ben Revere season, but it's mostly summing up the season had by the Nationals. They were hot, they made serious moves, they were in position to win...and like in most even years....they didn't.

I think that, with some subtle changes, they can make a run for it in 2017, but they're coming up short on the closer market,'s concerning. They'll probably be fine, but it's concerning.

Ben Revere was brought in to be a nice young outfielder, and continued to play like he'd aged ten years since 2015.

Jose Lobaton had a huge move in the playoffs, and did a nice job covering for Wilson Ramos, but will probably be back to backup-duties once Derek Norris arrives.

Max Scherzer started off strong, and still won a Cy Young this year, his second, which proves how powerful he's become, and proves that he's still one of the most important arms in this game. Plus, the guy walked into a rotation led by Stephen Strasburg and made it his own, which takes skill. Much respect to Max Scherzer, who hopefully has several more career years on the way.

Coming Tomorrow- The Surprisingly Amazing and Ousted-Too-Soon Baltimore Orioles

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