Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Brewers

The Brewers are...kind of sad these days. Their farm system's been struggling, as the guys they're bringing up aren't really doing the job, and the few veterans they have are, like, 2-3 year veterans like Scooter Gennett. It's getting pretty dire, and hopefully something's gonna happen soon. Meanwhile, Gennett had a pretty nice season, and is still a nice infield bat.

Chase Anderson was an import from Arizona, and did a pretty nice job as a part of the surprisingly-good rotation. He's got some improvement to come, but he's still promising enough.

Zach Davies was another nice, relatively young arm that held up the rotation this year, and like Anderson, he did well enough to get a pretty guaranteed gig next year. Not sure how he fits into the future, but he'll do for now.

Coming Tomorrow- Time to talk about the St. Louis Cardinals. I'll try to hold back.

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