Sunday, December 11, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Giants

So yeah, regardless of anything the Giants did in 2016, if they didn't win the World Series, it was going to be a letdown. They didn't. It was.

Look, there was a lot of talent on this team, and the pitching staff of Bumgarner-Cueto-Shark-Moore-Peavy was one that was insanely powerful, even going into October, but the presence of the Dodgers in that division, and the Cubs in the playoffs, made it impossible for anything to happen past the NLDS.

Still, this was very far from a bad squad. Even if Eduardo Nunez didn't IMMEDIATELY start doing the stuff that made him an All Star in Minneapolis, he was a nice inclusion, and a potential option at third base for next season.

Jake Peavy's obviously not what he used to be, but as long as he gives a solid enough performance in the 4 or 5 spot, he's doing his job well. Next season will be the tenth since his Cy Young award, and he's just trying to make a career out of it, but he's done a nice enough job. Not sure what his fate is for 2017, though I imagine the Giants will keep him.

Coming Tomorrow- The Indians squad that ALMOST won the World Series.

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