Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holliday in New York

This was not the outcome I was expecting for the Yankees' DH,'s not an especially bad outcome, if we're being honest.

I had Matt Holliday on my fantasy team for a little while this year, and he didn't give the numbers I was thinking he would. He's aging a bit too normally by baseball standards. His best seasons are likely behind him, and his 2016, while it was pretty alright and he had some good moments here and there, was overall a disappointment, especially considering his start in 2015.

So I'm slightly skeptical about him joining the Yankees. However...SLIGHTLY is a word I used there.

Look, the way I see it we're probably gonna be using Matt Holliday primarily as a DH, which could work if Matt Holliday stays injured and decides to hit like he usually does. Seeing as DHing means he won't be spending as much time in the field, I don't think he'll be as injury-prone as he has been in the last few seasons. So, if all goes according to plan, Matt Holliday will be a pretty solid presence in the lineup in his one year in New York.

I'm just gonna be optimistic. Besides, it's Matt Holliday in a New York Yankees uniform. That's gonna make an awesome baseball card, right?

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