Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holz in the Plan

Once again, the Philadelphia Phillies are being handed an item that nobody seems to want- first it was Howie Kendrick, and now it's Clay Buchholz, traded from Boston for some prospect.

This is actually kinda similar to the D-Backs trading us Jeremy Hellickson last year- we didn't especially think Hellickson would get us anywhere, but he became such an item that it was a wonder he didn't get traded. The difference is that Hellickson's only taken a slight drop since his ROY season.

Clay Buchholz will have good seasons, and just a bunch of strategically placed shit ones around it. He follows the Francisco Liriano or, let's face it, the Cam Newton tactic of only being good every other season. Last season he was so alarmingly bad that the Sox were quick to use an 0-10 Eduardo Rodriguez performance instead...and we all know how well that went.

So...Buchholz in Philly. How's this gonna go, exactly?

Again, like with Hellickson, I'm not sure. He could be alright, he could have a good season...but he could also do the exact same shit he did last year and get himself DFA'd by June. He works in absolutes, not in...like...middle-ground stuff. It could go either way, and we're all hoping he has a nice season, but at the same time...this is a relatively incomplete Phillies team, and I'm not sure if they can back him up, or if he can back THEM up.

Too soon to say, but I'm skeptical, and I think I have a right to be.

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