Thursday, December 1, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Angels

Well, it's December. Which means, for the next 31 days, I have a reason to blog again.

I'm doing what I usually do in December- for every day of this month, I'll take one of the thirty teams, and take a look of some of the more noteworthy players that I didn't get to make customs of over the course of the season. Up first, since this is alphabetical because I adhere to the status quo, we're talking about the Los Angeles Angels.

After a pretty decent run for the top in 2015, the Angels looked deflated, de-powered and tired (aside from Mike Trout). Jered Weaver, once the dominant fireballer ace, has lost his velocity, and is hanging onto whatever cred he has left.

C.J. Cron had another nice hitting season, even if was marred by some injuries. Him and Calhoun make up a pretty decent core of a lineup that could be great with more care put in.

Ricky Nolasco was a last minute addition, swapped for Hector Santiago late in the year, and did a pretty admirable job keeping up the team in the latter half. He might stick around, and I think it would be welcome.

I already made a custom of this guy, but he won the MVP so we have to talk about him again.

Mike Trout is for real. He's got two MVPs, a Rookie of the Year, and is still playing like an absolute beast, even five years after breaking into the bigs. He's showed no signs of slowing down, and if he keeps this up, we could be looking at the next gold standard for ballplayers. Also, I'm hoping he stays in Anaheim- the Angels need a flagship hero like this.

Coming Tomorrow- The Astros fell short of a wild card, but still did some solid stuff when people were counting them out.

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