Saturday, December 10, 2016

Uncustomed Heroes of 2016: Dodgers

I feel extremely bad for these Dodgers teams of late- every year they get closer and closer to the gold, and every year they never make it to the World Series, despite deserving it several of those times. This year, if it weren't for the Cubs, I would have LOVED to see a Dodgers-Indians World Series. I would have rooted for LA probably, too. It's just sad, because Andre Ethier's seen several incarnations of playoff rosters, and has never nabbed a ring.

Still, even if Ethier took a limited role this year, he's still a beloved veteran member of the team, and will probably be better in a healthier 2017.

Brandon McCarthy, among the numerous arms that the Dodgers went through before settling on a solid rotation for October, actually had some great starts, and gave some glimpses of his former dominance, ultimately losing it and landing back on the DL after a bit.

(This one's actually left-over from the postseason, but still.)
Andrew Toles came into the fold late in the season, as a prospect that started hitting like crazy exactly when the Dodgers needed him. Not sure of where he'll fit in for them in 2017, as Pederson and Ethier will likely be starting, though he could get a big spike in playing time if the Dodgers finally deal Yasiel Puig.

Julio Urias had a rocky debut, but slowly gained confidence and dominance as the season went on. I'm under the belief that Urias could grow to become someone pretty deadly if the Dodgers use him right. He's gonna be 20 next year, and along with Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda and probably Scott Kazmir, will be expected to hold up the end. Hopefully he can.

First of all, this is probably one of my favorite customs of the year, and more proof that pretty much every great sports photographer working right now is probably working at Chase Field. Secondly...Corey Seager had an amazing rookie season, and proved that he's not only here to stay, but possibly one of the most indispensable parts of the Dodgers' lineup, not even from a rookie standpoint. i'm hoping he'll have an even more important 2017 season, and continue his great progress.

Coming Tomorrow- It was an even year, and the Giants didn't win the World Series. But they weren't too bad.

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