Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blaster of 2017 Stadium Club: Let Down/Redemption Song

It's often discouraging to get a blaster full of a product you loved, that happens to have a ton of cards you already have. I'll present this one pretty simply, as there's a nice little treat towards the end.

Pack 1:
163- Don Mattingly. Have it
208- JA Happ. Have it.
64- AARON JUDGE...GOLD PARALLEL. I mean, it's a dupe, but it's a lovely dupe.
128- Luis Severino. NEEDED IT!
200- Dave Winfield. Have it.

Pack 2-
22- Adam Duvall. Have it
Contact Sheet insert of DANIEL MURPHY! Nice, despite the blandness of the design
50- Todd Frazier. NEEDED IT
21- Randy Johnson. NEEDED IT. I love how all the base cards I've needed so far are current/former Yankees.
71- JT Realmuto. Dupe.

Pack 3-
248- David Ortiz. Great card, but dupe.
54- Kevin Pillar...ORANGE AND SEPIA PARALLEL. Again, goes back to my luck of getting great cards from teams I hate. Also, this is a dupe.
229- Jordan Zimmerman. Needed this one
138- Renato Nunez. Dupe
149- Andrew Benintendi. Dupe

Pack 4-
2- Mike Moustakas. Dupe.
POWER ZONE insert of MIKE TROUT. So at least there's that.
161- Tyler Glasnow. Dupe
209- Hisashi Iwakuma. Needed this one.
268- Jacob DeGrom. Annnnnd needed THIS one, too.

Pack 5
5- Aroldis Chapman. Dupe
300- Eddie Rosario GOLD..and it's I needed
7- CJ Cron. Needed it.
87- Tony Cingrani. Dupe
44- Jacoby Ellsbury. Dupe. Damn, now I'm getting all the Yankee dupes...

Pack 6-
112- Michael Lorenzen. I've pulled 3 versions of this card. Dupe
ANNNND...I got a REDEMPTION CARD, FOLKS. This (hopefully) will redeem a Beam Team autograph insert of KYLE SCHWARBER, which is a pretty solid pull from a product that keeps giving me no-name St. Louis rookies as autos. So that's pretty nice, if Topps delivers, and if Schwarber delivers. Doesn't make up for this blaster's ineptitude, but still.
130- Jonathan Villar. Needed it.
257- Daniel Murphy. Got it
188- Reynaldo Lopez. Got it.

Pack 7-
197- Tyler Skaggs. Dupe
Scoreless Streak insert of ZACK GREINKE. Nice one, too.
57- Josh Bell. Needed it.
267- Hunter Dozier. Needed it
26- Eric Hosmer. Needed it. So, that's 3 right there. Not bad.

Pack 8-
176- Dustin Pedroia. Got it
178- Zach McAllister. Got it
227- Jose Canseco. Got it.
177- Robinson Cano. Got it
8- Yu Darvish. Okay, at least I needed this one. And it's a black parallel..

So, that was a blaster of Stadium Club. I got 12 base cards I needed, a couple nice inserts, and a redemption card that I'm PRAYING that Topps won't foul up. I got dupes, but...don't we always?

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