Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How Have the Padres Won 40 Games?

There isn't much else to this post other than this- the Padres have no lineup, they barely have a pitching staff, they have no depth, and they just aren't fun to watch, at least from an outsider's perspective.

I'm just puzzled as to how they've won 40 games...and not, like, 29. I imagine there are some great players on this team, but...I have no idea how they're in fourth, and I have no idea how they're better than the Reds. Yes, they have players that hit home runs, but they have bad averages. Yes, they have pitchers that win games, but the ERAs are inflated as all hell. It's just not adding up for me.

Coming Tonight: Just when you thought the Yankees were fading back into comes an outfielder who's been toiling in the minors for a bit, ready to bring them back to the top.


  1. In the Expanded Standings, their expected win-loss record is an MLB-worst 34-59. I guess they have been lucky with their results, while other teams with bad records (Reds, White Sox, Phillies) have been unlucky.

  2. Their stop in Coors Field this week was not pretty. 36 runs allowed in 3 games.

    1. I mean, that is Coors Field for you, though.