Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It's Only a Down Year

Manny Machado, like the rest of the Orioles, isn't having a great season. Sure, he's still got a high WAR, and he's still doing great little fielding things, but he's not hitting, and he's not playing like Manny Machado. And when the star that your whole team has built itself around suddenly starts having a down year...there's definitely a cause for alarm.

Now, the main idea here is that Manny's value should not really be decreased by this season, and he's still a truly great player regardless of his 2017 season. But it's become the kind of thing where the rest of the team is struggling as Manny is, and you have to wonder if the two are connected. With the exception of new additions to the fold, like Trey Mancini, the core of the team is struggling, and the pitching is getting obliterated, even with Zach Britton in the ninth.

The rumors are going around about whether or not someone is going to deal for Manny Machado now, and while these rumors have gone down with Boston's acquisition of Eduardo Nunez (and the Yankees' acquisition of Todd Frazier) there's still a possibility that somebody could swoop in and grab him, but there's a chance that Manny's case has gone down, and there's a chance that someone would rather wait until the end of the season to deal for him.

The O's are looking like they want to hold onto everybody this week, but if they do it's gonna be a bumpy 2nd half of the season everyone's gonna have to hold on for.

Coming Tonight: A guy who got out of Baltimore at the exact right time, now catching fire in another part of Maryland.

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