Sunday, July 2, 2017

Best of the Worst

I was gonna call the Mariners the best third place team in baseball, but thanks to the Royals, Rockies and Rays existing, I can't really do that. So, I'll just tell it like it is. The Mariners are probably not going to make the playoffs, and they're in the trio of teams vying for second place while still 10 games behind the Astros. They honestly have no shot. But, for a team that has no shot, they're insanely rootable and surprisingly good. They're this year's version of the 2016 Marlins.

The lineup is surprisingly well put-together. Robinson Cano's having an unbelievable season, Mitch Haniger, Ben Gamel and Guillermo Heredia are having outstanding breakout seasons, Jarrod Dyson, Danny Valencia and Jean Segura are doing great on their first seasons in Seattle, and Kyle Seager and Nelson Cruz are doing essentially the same damage they usually do. The only stumbling block is at catcher, but this has been the stumbling block in Seattle for over a decade.

Even the pitching staff is kinda okay. Ariel Miranda, James Paxton, Sam Gaviglio and Felix Hernandez are posting good numbers, with a lesser emphasis on Felix. The problem is that there's been a ton of injuries, and they're going through prospective starters like potato chips. The roster depth is failing on them, and it's a good thing there's enough momentum already.

Again, I don't think they'll actually get a lot done this season, but they're fun to watch.

Coming Tonight: Two seasons ago he was a perennial Cy Young candidate playing for a last place team. World Series trophy later...he's STILL pitching for a last place team.

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