Saturday, July 8, 2017

No Hope, But Plenty of Schoop

It took a putrid month of June to get the Orioles down to fourth place, and to turn one of the sneakiest, most fun teams of 2016 into an ailing, overweight mess. Manny Machado, Mark Trumbo, Chris Davis and Chris Tillman, the old standards, aren't doing too well at all this year. So...thank god they have Jonathan Scoop and Trey Mancini down in Baltimore.

I knew Schoop was a menace for a while, especially after last year, when he was low in the lineup and still hitting over 20 home runs. This year, in absence of legitimate roster threats high in the lineup, he's been having an even more important season, and becoming an even more important piece of the team, more than just a throwaway infielder. This year he's the only Baltimore All Star, and...yeah, it's pretty well deserved.

Trey Mancini's also having a great year, his rookie season, and making an even bigger offensive case at the DH position. People you wouldn't really think would be doing well, like Dylan Bundy, Brad Brach and Caleb Joseph, are ruling this team...because the people who usually do are either injured or slumping. It's a sad sign.

The O's need to make a push towards the 2nd half, because if not, the Blue Jays are gonna creep up the standings, and we DO NOT want that.

Coming Tomorrow- One of my favorite players, no matter what side of New York he plays for.

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