Saturday, July 15, 2017

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Trainwreck

Right. That was a nice little siesta we had back there. Now, here we are, back to the rest of the 2017 season. The Astros and Dodgers are still hot, and the 'why the Yankees won't make the postseason' articles are spilling out like wildfire. Back to the norm.

The Astros have managed to cobble together so many on-players at one time, combining a few contracts with one of the mightiest building farm systems in baseball. Carlos Beltran, though a few steps down from last year, is still playing like a Hall of Famer, and is doing a bit more than his previous legacy in Houston. And that's just a pebble compared to the exploits of Carlos Correa, George Springer, Dallas Keuchel and Jose Altuve, all of whom homegrown, and all of whom are among the most powerful players in baseball right now.

They're all 15 games ahead from the nearest competition, and seeing as it's the Angels 15 games behind them, the word 'competition' can be used loosely. Their only downsides right now are the lack of substantial pitching depth in the wake of Keuchel's injury and David Paulino's suspension, and the lack of classic production from Nori Aoki, but those are slim downsides, and they barely take away from how ferocious this team is.

You can never tell what's gonna pop up within the next few months. I feel like all the Astros need is one more solid starting pitcher, and they'll be set for October.

Coming Tomorrow- The day before the All Star Break, he flirted with a no-hitter. And that's just the tip of the iceberg that is his suddenly-amazing rotation.

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