Sunday, July 9, 2017

Curtis, Don't Hurt-is

It's very worrying when one of your favorite players plays for a team where 75% of the roster has gone down with injuries. It's even more worrying when said player hasn't gotten injured yet, and you want to do everything in your power not to jinx it.

Curtis Granderson's always been a favorite of mine, in and out of a Yankee uniform. He just that has that ability to hit like hell and win over the team whenever you need him. He was tons of fun in Detroit, he was amazing in the Bronx, and he's been pretty great in Queens, even though he's coming off a noticeably down 2016. 2017 so far's been marginally better, as he started off not hitting, but slowly came back to his stuff and is doing pretty well right now.

With Neil Walker, Michael Conforto, Juan Lagares and David Wright injured, and Jose Reyes, Travis D'Arnaud and Asdrubal Cabrera having down seasons...Grandy, Bruce and Cespedes make up one of the most undeniably powerful outfields in the NL, but they're being depended on more often than not.  I'm worried that the over-dependence on these guys is gonna doom them later down the stretch, even if they are doing pretty well (especially Bruce, who's having a career year).

It's a flawed situation, and it's obviously not doing them well standings-wise. You can only hope for good things for individual players, like Grandy.

Coming Tonight: Shortstop for a team in the AL that just can't get off the ground.

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