Monday, July 24, 2017

What Happens When You Finally Drop to Second

Let's face it, as good as the Brewers were for a few months, there was no way they were gonna be a legitimate first-place team. They got lucky for a while. They have a ton of okay players, some streaking pitchers, Eric Thames, and some nice momentum. This is, to be honest, a mediocre team that for a brief instance was playing astonishingly well. They lost just enough games back there to convince me that they might not be for real.

Right now the Cubs are in 1st. Alright, it's technically a tie, but the momentum is lapping. The Cubs have been streaking since the All Star Break, and to be perfectly honest they're the team I'd rather have on top right now. Yes, the Pirates are 3 games out of second place, and seeing them come back is a rather nice pipe dream, but the Cubs have the redemption arc here, and the Brewers need to go back to the 'so close but loses' arc that was staying steady since 2014.

To be fair, I do respect the Brewers, and the rise of people like Domingo Santana, Manny Pina, Chase Anderson and Corey Knebel into the fold is much appreciated. However, the Cubs are structurally the better team, and they're more capable of keeping a stranglehold on the division. There's still a tie for first, but the Brewers will need to reverse things to keep the momentum going.

Coming Tomorrow-From a World Series Champion reserve outfielder to a starter on one of the most underrated teams of the year.

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