Friday, July 28, 2017

Break Time's Over

So, the All-Star Break happened, we came back, and now the Minnesota Twins would prefer it if we went back to how things were at the break.

They've lost a bunch of key matchups, and now the Kansas City Royals have snuck back up to second, leaving the Twins to fall to third place, which is essentially where they were going to end up anyway if none of this had happened.

You have to commend the Twins, though. They came to first place in a division of teams that didn't really decide they were going to be good until roughly May, which isn't necessarily the best time to decide things, kind of like going out and getting that centerpiece Christmas Present, on December 25th.

They're not out of this yet, though. They now have Jaime Garcia pitching for them, and with his record as an Atlanta Brave, and his inflated ERA, how could he possibly disappoint them? With Phil Hughes returning to his summer home, also known as the DL, and Kyle Gibson forgetting how to throw strikes after a chance meeting with a baseball card blogger known for customs and wry humor that nobody else gets, the Twins' rotation is holding onto whatever it has. Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios can only do so much before becoming absolutely spent. And I'd rather not have this rotation turn into that of the White Sox.

At least they have Brandon Kintzler pitching better in the ninth than Glen Perkins ever dreamed of, and Miguel Sano and Max Kepler still hitting insanely well, so there's a chance of a return. With the Royals and Indians as they are, it's not a great chance, but 'not great' is something the Twins have been associated with for a while, and damn then if they're gonna change now.

Coming Tomorrow- Rookie for the Pirates who might give them a shot at the top two spots??

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