Monday, July 3, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in Last Place

If the Giants didn't have all the goodwill saved up from winning those three World Series', they would be worse than the Phillies right now.

Right now it's the strikeouts from Jeff Samardzija, the utter dominance of Buster Posey, and a surprising rookie start from Austin Slater. That's all that's keeping the Giants even remotely relevant. All of the guys that should be doing well just aren't having great seasons. Johnny Cueto's doing his best, but has no run support. Mark Melancon was supposed to be the big closer pick up, but he's been injured, leaving them with Sam Dyson. leads us to the alarming question of whether or not the 3-time WS winning Giants are going to have to sell at the trade deadline. Honestly, they don't have much to sell that doesn't involve a few more years of contracts, although Joe Panik could be a nice piece to give up. It's also a question of will other teams want what the Giants have? Other than people who are wrapped up for another few years, there aren't a ton of people worth being sold.

There's not a ton else to do with the Giants other than just wonder how the Padres are doing better than them.

Coming Tonight: A Yankee pitcher that somehow made the ASG.

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