Monday, July 3, 2017

Sevvy Gets Lucky

It's great. I was telling my dad that a bunch of Yankees got into the ASG, and told him Luis Severino got in. And he was like '...SEVERINO got in? about that?"

The Yankees have had an insanely unlucky 2nd half of June. Just a ton of lousy series' dropped to AL West teams, and a few too many players bowing out to injuries. Aaron Hicks, Matt Holliday, Starlin Castro, and CC well as an incredibly unfortunate spill for Dustin Fowler, are all out of the picture right now, and the Yanks have to rely on people like Tyler Wade, Ronald Torreyes, and insanely cool rookie Clint Frazier to fill the holes. It'd be something else entirely if all of this happened earlier in the season, but this is happening in the middle, after they've had their big boom. Now they have to re-situate quickly and try to keep any more blood from popping out.

As they're trying to stay out of third, the ASG rosters come out and start telling everyone that the Yankees are great, a ton of them are playing well, while the structural problems are becoming clear to them. So it's this whole dilemma of 'how great even are we?' Yes, they're a great team, and they deserve the ASG praise, but right now they're coping with the fact that they may not be THE BEST in the AL. The Astros, who ARE the best in the AL, just handed their asses to them in a 3-game series. They need to figure out how to beat THEM when it counts.

Luis Severino's had a fantastic season, and deserves his ASG gig. He just needs to keep the positive momentum coming, because with CC gone, he's the ace. He needs to earn the moniker.

Coming Tomorrow- Freddie Freeman got hurt, and this guy had to take over...and he's doing a pretty phenomenal job of it.

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