Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Cole Train Keeps A-Rollin'

The Pirates aren't the best, still. There's a lot of holes that weren't filled properly, a lot of pitchers that aren't doing great, and a ton of momentum that just hasn't gotten there. But...leave it to a series against the Phillies to bring out the best in this team.

Gerrit Cole, like usual, is a great pitcher with really bad luck. He's got some scary stuff, some great strikeout material, but he can never get enough wins to be a real force in the league. Maybe if you gave him a better team he'd be alright, but...I don't know if the Pirates want to give him up quite yet. I don't know how much they think he can do for them.

Still, on the plus side, Andrew McCutchen is BACK. He is hitting like CRAZY, with an insane June average, and some momentum he hasn't had in years. This is the guy I saw a glimpse of last year, in the midst of a slump. He was still there, he was just scared to come back out. Starling Marte will be back very soon, and if they can keep him off the HGHs, he'll be fine.

The team's in disarray, but they're still at least fun to watch.

Coming Tonight: The great Rangers infielder...who honestly should have been on the ASG squad.

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