Sunday, July 30, 2017

No One Team Should Have All That Power

And now, another moment with the 73-31 Los Angeles Dodgers. Have you heard how amazing they are?

The Dodgers are one of those teams that have been really good for the past 10 years, have made dozens of playoffs attempts, and have never made it to a World Series. Not since 1988. Even with Kershaw, ruling the world, Kenley Jansen being one of the best closers in the bigs, and the amazing farm system that's been popping out rookie gold for 5 years, we've yet to see the Dodgers hit the World Series this decade. And with the amount of talent they've amassed, even with Clayton Kershaw taking a DL break, if they're gonna make a run any year, it has to be this year.

Just look at the guys that people aren't even talking about. Chris Taylor's having a monster rookie year, hidden behind Cody Bellinger. Austin Barnes is a great backup for an even better catcher, Yasmani Grandal. Justin Turner is STILL having one of the best seasons in baseball, and I don't think anybody's noticing. Alex Wood has a 12-1 record that you didn't know about because you were too busy watching Kershaw.

This team has an insane amount of depth, and an insane amount of talent. And I'm just anxious to see what's gonna happen next.

Coming Tomorrow- Loves pitching. Hates Eck.

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