Sunday, July 30, 2017

So You Wanted to Compete Again, eh Cole?

I don't wanna assume too much, but I feel like the move to Arlington has helped Heidi Hamels more than it's helped Cole Hamels.

I mean, Cole's still a fantastic pitcher, and he's still having a really nice season, but you'll notice that, despite the 2016 season, the Rangers are beginning to go the way of, well, the Phillies. They're having a down season, the kids aren't stacking up, and Yu Darvish is probably gonna be traded within the next few days. So, while Cole Hamels came to Arlington to compete again, the Rangers are slowly fading back into a middle-of-the-road team again. Just his luck.

Like, there are reasons to watch games, like Adrian Beltre's hits watch, and Elvis Andrus running the whole world, but the spirit's lost. The momentum they had in 2016 is kinda gone, and the bulk of the team isn't really capable of keeping the streaks going. The Astros are about 20 games ahead of them, and the Mariners have them cornered for second. So things aren't exactly looking good for them.

All Cole and the gang is keep defying the stats, keep having nice little games. They're not gonna be the best in the AL West, but if they can at least be memorable, they'll weed themselves out of the bottom of the barrel.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best closers in baseball.

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