Friday, September 1, 2017

Yes, They Can Dodge This

I just looked back at Baseball Reference and saw that the Mariners traded for Zach Lee to get rid of this guy. That was a good laugh.

So look...the Dodgers have four consecutive losses. But none of them were blowouts. None of them were losses without some trying. So it'd be great if none of those 'ARE THE DODGERS DONE BEING AMAZING' articles could pop up. It's bad enough that 'Albert Pujols is the Worst Player in Baseball' was on the front page of ESPN for a day. I just wanna get rid of the pessimism in sports news media.

The Dodgers's loss of a few games doesn't mean they're not powerful, by the way. They've just been forced to use Ross Stripling and Hyun-Jin Ryu as starters for a few games, while Clayton Kershaw, Brandon McCarthy and Alex Wood are on their way back from injuries. Kershaw and Wood will be back in the next week, and McCarthy will be back very, very soon. So, what's the problem? Lineup's still hot. Bullpen's still strong.

We've even gotten to the point where Adrian Gonzalez is back, Curtis Granderson is hitting homers off the bench, Chase Utley is finally playing better, and Austin Barnes is having a hell of a time as backup catcher. This team has gotten even better over time, and there's so much flexibility and depth in the lineup. Chris Taylor came in as a backup and he's been fantastic, playing great in the outfield and hitting really well.

Inevitability may be this team's one weakness, but if they continue to completely overpower every opponent, it may also be their way to the end.

Coming Today: Not too long ago he was the Mets' 1st baseman. Now he's playing for another 4th place team...but he's actually doing a ton better?

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