Saturday, August 16, 2014

One Last Blaster of Topps Archives 2014

I leave Thursday for college, so I'm getting all the good shit out now. Today I went to the local Target for what may be the last time until I come back for break. Because it's so sentimental, because a part of my youth is sort of ending, I figured I'd commemorate with a blaster of a product that reminds me a lot of my childhood, Topps Archives. Because it charmingly rips off the sets of the last thirty years.

So, let's dive in:

Pack 1:
35- Patrick Corbin. Have it.
34- Enny Romero RC. Have it.
25- Jim Palmer. Three cards, three cards I don't need.
A Heads' Up Insert of Brandon Phillips. Which is nice.
9- Josh Donaldson. FINALLY, SOMETHING I NEED! And it's of a really good player.
61- Matt Davidson. Need it. Too bad I've never heard of him.
55- Jay Bruce. Need it. K, this I can deal with.
143- MIKE SCHMIDT! One of my favorites. AND I need it!

Cards I need: 4/8
Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 3/8

Pack 2-
107- Michael Choice. Have it.
147- Jose Bautista. Have it.
153- Fergie Jenkins. Jeez, I have this one too.
173- Allen Craig. Four straight. Plus, this one's the dreaded Red Sox-Cardinals combination.
ALL STAR INSERT of Mike Trout.
123- Jarrod Parker. Finally, one I need.
160- Don Mattingly. Need it, and he's a Yankee!
200- Buster Posey, which I also need.

Cards I need: 3/8
Cool Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 4/8

Pack 3-
189- Jose Altuve. Have it.
176- Adrian Gonzalez. Great shot, but I sadly have it.
131- Ian Kinsler. Have it. Is this how every pack starts?
Deckle Edge of David Eckstein. Gaaahhhh!
191- Justin Upton. NEED IT.
150- Miguel Cabrera. Great shot and I also need it.
72- Evan Longoria. Need it.
91-ROBERTO CLEMENTE. That is a great card.

Cards I need: 4/8
Inserts of Awful Players: 1/8
Doubles: 3/8

Pack 4-
67- Jonathan Villar. Have it.
87- Eric Davis. Have it.
38- Jason Grilli. Have it.
211- BO JACKSON!!! AND it's a short print, which is awesome.
Wow. It's a Major League insert of Corbin Bernsen, star of Celebrity Mole Hawaii, as Roger Dorn. This is pretty cool.
29- Carlos Gomez, and I need it.
18- Rickey Henderson. Sadly I have this one.

Cards I need: 3/8
Really Cool Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 4/8

Pack 5-
71- Nick Franklin. Have it.
57- Tom Glavine, Hall of Famer. Need it, too.
77- Joe Morgan, another Hall of Famer. Need it.
219- John Smoltz, Future Hall of Famer. Need it, and Short Print.
50- DEREK...JETER!!!! I needed this one too.
30- Alex Gordon. Man, I'm on a roll.
45- Lou Brock. Also need it.
28- Joe Kelly. On the Sox now, but who cares. Need it.

Cards I needed: 7/8
Doubles: 1/8

Pack 6-
159- Bob Gibson. NEED IT.
178- Carlos Martinez. NEED IT
190- Julio Teheran. DAMN! KILLED THE STREAK!
102- Goose Gossage. Need it.
Deckle Edge of Cal Ripken
89- R.A. Dickey. Have it.
63- Austin Jackson. Have it.
93- Xander Bogaerts. Have it.

Cards I needed: 3/8
Doubles: 4/8
Inserts: 1/8

Pack 7-
136- Whitey Ford. Have it.
128- Avisail Garcia. Need it.
125- Jose Fernandez. Have it.
All Star Insert of Bryce Harper.
133- Yovani Gallardo. Have it.
161- Johnny Bench. Have it.
180- Chris Archer. Have it.
117- Mike Mussina. Have it. Man, this pack sucked.

Pack 8-
3- Freddie Freeman. Need it, thankfully.
15- Ralph Kiner. Need it.
144- Adrian Beltre. Need it
137- Pedro Alvarez. Need it.
Jose Fernandez Future Stars insert
94- Mike Napoli. Have it.
113- Cal Ripken. Have it.
142- Joe Mauer. Have it.

So I got a lot of cards I needed, a bunch of doubles, and Corbin Bernsen. Nice.

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  1. I've stopped collecting the contemporary stuff but If and when I decide to come back,this will be the first product I go after.Panini Donruss second ;)