Saturday, August 23, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Willingham Edition

The Tigers, going into the 2014 season, were expected to not only continue their reign atop the AL Central, but possibly even get back to the World Series that karma spoiled for them back in 2012 (because if you sweep the Yankees in four, YOU will be swept in four). Then they grabbed David Price. Then Porcello and Scherzer heated up. Then Kinsler and J.D. Martinez made the headlines. So, up to August 2014...the Tigers were basically on top of the world.

And then came the Royals...who would continue to beat them senseless in the standings for a good three weeks.

I'm not saying I expect the Royals to keep this going through the rest of the season. I'm just overjoyed that there's a baseball story that has this much inexplicable irony. The Tigers have one of the most overstocked and overqualified rosters in baseball...and here are the Kansas City Royals, a good week's worth of games ahead of them.

Josh Willingham may have scoffed, earlier in the month, when, upon being traded to an AL Central rival of the Twins', he realized he wasn't going to THAT AL Central rival of the Twins. But now that he's playing well, and his team's kicking that team's ass, he must feel pretty happy to be out of Minnesota. Though, who can blame him.

I sort of want the Royals to keep playing really well, because they're a fun underdog team, and usually the fun underdog teams that overtake heavy favorites show up in the AL East...and the Yankees are usually the heavy favorite that is overtaken. But it's a fun story, and I want it to keep going for a little while longer.

Coming Tomorrow- A pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. I have two prepared, so it could be either one, and I may just flip a coin.

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