Monday, August 18, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Cespedes Edition


I mean, he may not be playing as well as he was in Oakland, but's a big deal. One of the best home run hitters in baseball is playing for Boston now. Could you imagine how deadly that could be if the rest of the team ever gets good again?

Man, that must sting.

Still, I think that the most damage Cespedes'll do will happen next season on. This season, he'll hit some homers here and there, but I think in 2015 he's really going to take off. I dunno. That's just me thinking out loud.

Coming Tomorrow- Man, there's a lot for me to post. I might throw a custom of one of the Dodgers' pitchers on there, and I might even start a series of impressive football box rips, because I know that a few very powerful people could be waiting for it.

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