Thursday, August 14, 2014

Proof That Topps Has Indeed Learned Something (!!!)

(once I get a good enough photo of 2015 Topps' base set, I will paste it here)

Well, it finally happened. D'you see the border of the upcoming Topps' set? What color is that border?

If you said any variant of the word 'white', for the first time since 2007, you're WRONG! 

The border for this year's base cards will VARY with team colors, which is usually reserved for some insignificant decal hidden somewhere amidst the white. 

I bring this up because I was talking about THIS EXACT THING earlier in the year. I even said that if Topps made a set with a varying border for each team, I'd even stop talking crap about their products. And while I should be clear and say that the whole border isn't all in on this (it trickles down and starts at about halfway down the card), it's still better than basically doing a variation on the same formula for five straight years. 

So...the base set is different, finally. It looks nothing like any of the last five Topps sets. One could even argue that it has more similarities to a Topps Magic Football set than a Topps Baseball set. Plus, they've made the decision to raise the number of base-cards to 350, meaning that our final tally could be around 700, not counting Update. That means that there are FORTY MORE CARDS, which could either be FORTY PLAYERS that have not been on Topps cards before (one of which better freaking be Matt Wieters), or FORTY BULLSHIT SUBSETS that we really didn't need. I, obviously, would prefer the former.

So...JUST FROM THE BASE SET ALONE...Topps is really hooking me in. I usually back into contrarian stance whenever the new Topps subset comes out, but the base set alone is really impressing me, and I say this with definite shock in my fingers.

Plus, the insert sets, while not entirely progressive, are a lot better than the same tired cliches. I mean, there is a Legendary Lineage kind of set, but that's basically it. The one Baseball/History set that they're putting out looks pretty cool, and definitely a step up. I like the Free Agency one, as it may produce some very nice cards of signed-players, doing exactly what the 2012 Update Insert Series did painfully wrong. 

For the first time in a while, I haven't found too many things wrong with the Topps set. Give me time, they'll turn up eventually.

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