Monday, August 4, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Smith Edition

Okay, let me explain.

Prior to the All Star Game selections, I looked at a bunch of the stats, and sort of made customs for people I thought would somehow end up on the team. I did this for a lot of the teams that I thought would only have one rep, due to being really bad.

One of these teams was the Padres.

The Padres...I feel sorry for everyone that has to root for them this year. NOBODY is hitting. I'm not exaggerating. The two guys that WERE sort of traded. Chris Denorfia and Chase Headley are both no longer on the Padres.

Back at the end of June, the guy who was leading the stats, with the most home runs, hits, BA, etc...was Seth Smith. So, I figured 'I bet this guy's gonna get the nod. He's sucking the least'. So I made this custom of him.

Tyson Ross eventually got the nod, making me look very silly when I had a custom of a sucky outfielder in my folder.

I'm posting him now because it feels nice to get it out of the way, before any waiver deals screw everything up.

Coming Tonight (?)- One of the few people who is not sucking on the Cubs.

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