Friday, August 15, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Davis Edition


Man, his folks must have had a real sense of humor about them. They could have just named him Chris. BUT NO. KHRIS. Now whenever I hear this guy's name, I either think of the Karate Kid or this bit from Whose Line (CHREEEESSS!)

Anyway, KHRIS has been playing pretty well so far this season, as have his Brewers. The Brewers have inexplicably been right there in the pennant race with the Cardinals (as the Pirates are resting at the moment. Give them a minute). It's a bit weird, because the Brewers don't really have that many star players, with the exception of dat cheater Ryan Braun (who may as well just be a long-lost nephew of Eva by this point, as that's basically what I think of him), and maybe Carlos Gomez, who's been a lot healthier than the other CarGo in the league.

I don't know if the Brewers will hold on, but it is FAR BETTER than the Cardinals taking another NL pennant. At this point, I'm hoping for the Pirates to just start burying them in the stands so that there's no chance of a comeback.

But still...KHRIIIIS...

Coming Tonight/Tomorrow- He used to be a Philadelphia Phillie. Now he's a good part of the Nationals' power lineup.


  1. Jordan, not being a Brewers fan, I'll forgive you for forgetting about a very good candidate for NL MVP this year -- Jonathan Lucroy. Luc's carried the team at times, and he is an excellent catcher who frames pitches better than anyone in the league.

    1. And, let me say this -- that Khris Khrash Davis is an awesome card!

    2. Lucroy may be the most underrated player in the NL. He has been quite good for several seasons in a row (Minus the one season in which he dropped a suitcase on his foot.)

  2. I blanked. I forgot about how amazing Lucroy was this season. I was so caught up in the post that I left him out. Terribly sorry, as he's a fantastic player.