Friday, August 8, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Kimbrel Edition

Last year, one of the greatest closing pitchers of all time left the game. Mariano Rivera commanded the ninth inning for seventeen seasons. The worst part of this departure is that he left without choosing an heir. I mean, David Robertson may be good, but he is no Mariano Rivera.

Luckily, we may have one in Atlanta.

Craig Kimbrel has absolutely dominated as a closer for the past few seasons. I'm not even exaggerating. Every year he always ends up leading the league in saves, and he flat out earns it every time. Even the seasons where the Braves aren't doing as well, he still does really well. This season they're between second and first all the time, and Kimbrel's still killing it.

I kinda hope he sticks it out for a few more seasons, but I don't want him to break Mo's record. Nobody should.

Coming Tonight (?)- The Brewers! Are! STILL IN FIRST! Here's one of their speedy outfielders.

1 comment:

  1. I hope so too.
    Even if I truly like Robertson and hope he will turn into the *heir* I agree with you and Kimbrel will get the spot sooner.
    Some work hard...some just have it.